5 Valuable Tips from your Gemologist for Designer Jewellery

Wondering how to choose the right designer jewellery and take good care of it? While you may love your jewellery, styling it right and protecting it expresses your love in a kinder way! Our gemologist Urvita Behede shares her top tips to complement your jewellery with your personality and make your designer jewellery last longer.


  1. Go ahead, Embrace the Sin of Mixing Metals

    Earlier, it was considered a fashion sin to mix colours of metals; although any jewellery lover would tell you that it’s not true. Luckily, even the fashion police will now agree that you don’t need to stick to only gold, silver or one-tone jewellery. You can wear pendants with a different coloured chain, layer your necklaces or rings with unique metals and colours, or add vibrant interest to your outfit with 2-3 different bracelets.
    A number of our jewellery masterpieces also have mixed metal colours as it’s something we love doing and sharing with our customers!

  2.  Choose a Focal Point for your Jewellery

    We all have a jewellery closet with some of the best earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. While it may be tempting to wear your top pieces when dressing up for a special occasion, try to think of one focal point – your ears, neck, hands or fingers and wear one bold piece of jewellery to highlight it. For instance, if you’re wearing a heavy necklace, consider subtle earrings or skip them altogether!

  3. Wear Rings with Panache

    Did you know there’s a nursery rhyme that says wearing rings on your fingers means you’ll have music wherever you go! I definitely agree! Mix and match your rings for a unique look every day. You can even stack just one or two to go minimalistic on a few days. The perfect mix includes a combination of colours, textures, and gemstones. Ideally, you shouldn’t wear more than one cocktail ring on each hand. You could even experiment with wearing an odd number on one hand and even on the other!

  4. Revamp your Sentimental Jewellery

    Many of us tend to wear sentimental jewellery almost every day – mangalsutras, wedding rings, heirloom earrings or a chain, etc. But how well do they really fit in your accessorized wardrobe?

    You can consider skipping a few if that’s an option when you’re accessorizing a different look. If not, the best idea is to layer them with other pieces of jewellery to add variety to your style statement.

    At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we also specialize in remaking sentimental jewellery, while maintaining the legacy and love and creating a new design for you to flaunt with the same gemstones. This way, you can transform your existing jewellery with a new makeover!

  5. Taking Care of your Designer Jewellery

    While the styling tips will help you look good, these tips will keep your jewellery feeling great!

    • Clean your jewellery before storing – wipe out the sweat and any other dust after wearing it
    • Store your jewellery in airtight boxes and all precious pearls must be stored in a soft cloth before keeping it in the box to maintain the shine and quality
    • Wear your jewellery last when dressing – after you have applied make-up, perfumes, and lotions to avoid any damage
    • Separate your jewellery items in different boxes to prevent them from getting scratched or broken
    • For deep cleaning jewellery, soak it with warm water and mild liquid soap in a glass bowl and use a soft brush to remove any dirt. Make sure you dry it thoroughly before storing it back

    We hope these simple tips from our gemologist will help you upgrade your jewellery style and flaunt the best designs in town everywhere you go! For more tips and tricks and new designer jewellery, visit https://www.gautambanerjee.in/