GB Assurance


As Unique As You

90 percent of our designs are exclusive and never get repeated.


Complete Customization

Customize your Jewellery to the fullest by visiting our Pune store to alter and design your dream jewellery around your budget and preferences.



GB Always Available

Contact us on our store’s Whatsapp number +91 77688 50006 for video chat and we’re always there to resolve your queries.

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Design Excellency

Exceptional designs inspired by nature and our customers, crafted to perfection by our jewellery designers.

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Craftsmanship Excellency

Every piece is handcrafted by the most skilled artisans in the country offering priceless craftsmanship for your jewellery.

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Free Bride Consultation

Confused about designing jewellery for your wedding? Meet our expert team at GBJ who can help you envision your jewellery as per your wedding outfits.

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2-year Warranty

Free cleaning and polishing for a period of 2 years from the purchase date of your jewellery piece. An exclusive GBJ service.


Purity Guarantee

The gold purity of the piece is guaranteed through our hallmark and lab certificate.


Always Pay for the Net Weight

You only pay for the weight of the gold consumed in the piece as we subtract the weight of diamonds and other precious stones for the actual gold weight.


Every Piece is Brand New

GBJ only offers brand new, unworn jewellery pieces to our customers. We never refurbish the jewellery we exchange, it is always melted.


Complete Transparency in Billing

We value our customer’s trust hence you will be receiving complete details of the piece purchased from us.


Originality Guaranteed

All products are original and go through a strict quality check to ensure the highest quality possible.