Design House

At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we take pride in designing our masterpieces with thought, inspiration, and passion. Every design has a beautiful story, weaved and captured into rare gemstones, gold and diamonds. So, every time you wear a Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, you wear a story, a moment, a memory that’s truly unique and captivating.

In our endeavour to make designer jewellery more accessible and available to all of you, we’re now launching our exclusive GBJ Design House

You can share the vision of your jewellery – it could be your favourite flower, your memory about rains, a particular moment in a foreign country, the first time you met the love of your life, or anything else. If you have a moment, a memory, or an inspiration that you’d like to convert into designer jewellery, we’re happy to help.

We can even design handcrafted jewellery for gifting – based on your loved one’s exclusive interests, liking, or preferences. 

Our designers love challenges. Think creative, get innovative, come up with your best ideas. Reach us at +91 77688 50006, and we’d be happy to deliver on all your jewellery aspirations. 

During the pandemic, we’ve all realized the importance of our existing resources and learned to appreciate what we have. However, our clothes and jewellery tend to change with the evolving global fashion! In such instances, we tend to sell our existing jewellery and buy a new one at a high cost, losing on quantity and gems, too.

At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery Design House, we help you recycle your existing jewellery with the help of our expert designers without losing out on the weight of your precious metals and gemstones. This is a green and sustainable way to don the latest fashion without losing out and disrupting our planet, too.

Design Stage


Making Stage 


Final Product


Designer jewellery is your story, crafted with some of the most precious gems. Experience this joy with Gautam Banerjee Jewellery. We have an archive of over 75,000 designs and our clients across the globe are now adorning the GBJ label with pride. When are you joining us?

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Try Before You Buy 

Transform your ideas into a timeless piece of jewellery with GBJ. If you’d like to see what the designer jewellery will look like before you commit to the purchase, here’s a great opportunity.

Gautam Banerjee Sir will be conducting a free Facebook Live session every Wednesday wherein he will choose the best inspirations and ideas to convert into a design. Please submit your design vision to and witness the magic live! 

Once the design is ready, you can choose to purchase it or you can even try something else. 

But we’re sure that once you see your ideas being converted into an outstanding design you can always wear, and flaunt, you won’t be able to resist. 

Contact us at +91 77688 50006, and we’ll be happy to help you!