Archana Behede – The Journey of a Shining Star

She’s the real gem at Gautam Banerjee Jewellery – the one who has fuelled her passion and skill and converted it into a flourishing business empire. Archana Behede started her journey as a jewellery designing student with incredible dedication, outstanding skill, and a desire to outshine. The brand Gautam Banerjee Jewellery was established under her incredible leadership 15 years ago and today, she heads the highly popular Gautam Banerjee Jewellery store in Pavilion Mall, Pune. 

Breaking Barriers to Follow Passions 

She was committed to her art and her craftsmanship. It wasn’t something she learned as a college student, but as a married woman with kids! Because there’s no age to fulfil your dreams and follow your passion. When she enrolled in Gautam Banerjee’s Jewellery Designing School, she knew it wasn’t easy. But even prepping a diamond from coal isn’t easy – but surely worth it. She would travel by train every week from Pune to Mumbai to learn from Gautam Sir and showcase her innate liking towards the subject. 

As one of the top students in the class, Gautam Sir quickly noticed her potential and offered her the biggest opportunity at the time – to design for a national-level jewellery brand. She put in her heart and soul into the project and her designs were the showstopper collection for the flagship store’s opening in Pune. Not only did this success boost her confidence, but it also got her thinking about her future.


Daring to Dream Big 


While designers are the real heroes behind jewellery, it’s usually the brand name that gets the credit and designers often go unrecognized. With a vision to change this and give due credit and recognition to jewellery designers, she confided in Gautam Banerjee with her idea to start their own designer jewellery label.


It’s not every day you come across such big dreamers who can follow through with their dreams and turn it into a bright and beautiful reality. Archana never looked back after she envisioned disrupting the jewellery business with designer jewellery that showcases and promotes the designer’s name and label. 


Pune’s most exclusive shopping mall is witness to her success story. The store in Pavilion Mall has received an overwhelming response, and she has designed thousands of jewellery masterpieces over the last 15 years for her loyal customers.


While Gautam Banerjee is the inspiration for the store and the label, it’s entirely Archana’s brainchild, and she has taken complete responsibility for the retail sales. It was her vision to start something extraordinary and it has taken shape into one of the most coveted and luxurious jewellery stores in the city. 


Clicking with E-Jewellery 

Her dreams continue to grow just like her customers! She’s now taken the business online to align with the changes of the year and has more than 200 exclusive designer jewellery items on ranging from Rs. 300015,000 to Rs.30,00,000 15,00,000. Every pendant, ring, earrings, and bracelet is a testimony to her passion for jewellery designing and her exceptional skill that makes her a top celebrity designer in the country. 


Every piece of jewellery tells a story and when you see Archana’s incredible collection, you’ll witness the stories of art, passion, culture, and love.