Designer Jewellery – Inspired by Nature

Designer jewellery has always been unique, different and spectacular in countless ways. Apart from standing out from the masses and adding an element of extraordinary charm to every masterpiece, most designer jewellers also add a story behind their creations, making it more relevant, chic, and culturally significant. This trend has been around for decades and you’ll notice some of the top global designer brands also having their own favourite animals or motifs that they connect with, and use extensively in their jewellery.

Good Luck Talismans


Animals have always been popular in jewellery and traditionally, they were believed to bring the wearer characteristics as per the animal in the jewellery when worn as lucky charms. In fact, favourite animals are often traced to the brand’s history or a significant moment in the founder’s life.


For instance, Cartier’s panther is one of the most significant motifs in their collection stemmed from the creator who was nicknamed panther for her grace and independence. Chanel continues to draw inspiration from Venice’s intimidating emblem and the founder’s star sign Leo to create magnificent jewellery under the Lion collection.


Peacock – The Ultimate Symbol of Beauty


In India, the peacock isn’t just the national bird, it’s a symbol of beauty, love, prosperity and compassion. At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, one of the best designer jewellery houses in the country, peacocks are an inspiration for most of the high-end jewellery collection. There’s really no better symbol to be present in the extraordinary statement jewellery!


Known for their elegance and rich and beautiful tail feathers, they are often considered the ultimate beauty in nature. The beautiful array of blues, greens, teal, and even purple or pink in some cases are an exceptional eye-catcher and allures almost any and every onlooker.


The peacock collection at GBJ signifies integrity and confidence and it talks about being ‘proud as a peacock’ where women embrace their true colours and celebrate their ambitions and accomplishments. The statement pieces elevate customers’ distinctive style and inspire every woman to flaunt her beauty and confidence, just like the peacock. 


Few Exceptional Designer Jewellery Masterpieces

As Trendy as Tourmalines

The beautiful pendant showcases a couple of peacocks in carved tourmalines and diamonds and is the perfect addition to silk sarees and cocktail attires.

The Enchanted Peacock

Designed by Mr. Banerjee, this one-of-a-kind piece is the show-stopper at every party and is celebrated with the statement shades of blue and green by the marvellous gemstone ‘Azurmalachite’.


Incredible Ivory

The carved peacocks in mammoth ivory make this necklace truly magnificent and rare. It can never be designed again and thus, adds preciousness and exceptional value to the jewellery.

Pretty Peacock

The diamond and pearl earrings are inspired by the feathers of the peacock and add an element of magical nirvana to the designer jewellery.

As Pretty as a Peacock

The masterpiece brings the pink conch pearl and beautiful white and colourful diamonds together in a peacock setting for modern and elegant jewellery.


Peacock jewellery is synonymous with royalty at Gautam Banerjee Jewellery. Just like the Indian kings favoured peacock motifs on their jewellery, clothes, and paintings because it was a matter of pride and prestige, you can own these luxurious jewels in modern times. Bring Indian tradition, ethnicity, and exquisiteness to your jewellery closet with GBJ.