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Wouldn’t it be amazing to wear your great grandmother’s favourite ring in a modern new avatar? Or redesign your mom’s wedding jewellery and keep it close to your heart on your big day?

At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we understand that your jewellery is much more than an accessory. It’s an emotion, a legacy and a heritage you cherish for generations. However, in modern times, as styles and trends evolve, you may not be able to wear the same jewellery your mom or grandmom wore with the same elegance. That’s why we bring you an exclusive service of sustainable jewellery.

What is Sustainable Jewellery?

If you have some beautiful and highly cherished jewellery from your previous generations and want to maintain its charm, we can help you redesign it with the same love, care and passion. It could be a gorgeous necklace that is too long for you to wear at work every day. We can change it into a set of smaller necklace and matching earrings for your professional and personal adventures.

Leaving jewellery that you don’t wear anymore doesn’t do any good. It’s not adding any value to your high investment, and nor does it bring you any joy if it’s kept tucked away safely in the locker. 

Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum can be upcycled many times with no loss of quality. Diamonds and gemstones also never wear out, making it easier to style them multiple times in new designs. If they suffer any damage, they can always be re-polished or re-cut to make them new again!

“Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear.”

Turning Old into New

Our founders and jewellery designers are brimming with ideas to convert your inherited jewellery into something more accessible, wearable and affordable. It’s much more cost-effective to transform your existing jewellery into a new piece than shopping for an entirely new jewellery masterpiece.


At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we can help you re-purpose different jewellery items and ideate with you to design the jewellery of your dreams.

For instance, if you’re missing an earring, you can convert the other into a precious pendant. Your grandma’s diamond ring can be converted into earrings you can wear every other day. Any jewellery with lovely gemstones, diamonds, or gold can be redesigned to bring out its charm with a new character and personality.

Family jewellery is often repurposed and recycled to keep the love and blessings intact for generations. Not to forget, this kind of jewellery is handmade and uniquely yours.


“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.”

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Let’s Get Started on Redesigning your Precious Jewellery. 


Give the jewellery sitting at the bottom of your jewellery box a chance to shine and sparkle again in the world! Bring us your dated designs or inherited jewellery that holds a lot of sentimental value but just isn’t your style, and let us work our magic! 

“Design, bestowed by heritage.”

Gautam Banerjee Jewellery can transform your existing necklace, earrings, bangles, pendants, or even diamonds and gemstones into something you’ll love to wear! 

We make it possible to embrace the beautiful things from Mother Nature without harming our beautiful planet. You can contribute, too, with sustainable jewellery!

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