GBJ’s Ultimate Trendy Jewellery for 2021

As 2021 is just around the corner, we’re all dreaming about fresh starts, new beginnings and new adventures. The year 2020 encouraged the return of simplicity and authenticity, not just in jewellery, but life, in general. In terms of jewellery, the coming year looks promising with many more weddings planned and people excited to add something new in their jewellery wardrobe. Personalized and subtle jewellery is now considered daring, fresh, and strong. At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we’re constantly updating our designs to bring a contemporary jewellery perspective for our customers and 2021 is no different.

The New Normal for Jewellery Lovers

In the age of Zoom meetings, video conferences, and masked appearances, waist-up dressing is witnessing a revival, being a boon for jewellery lovers. The new-era draws attention to the face, leading to inspiring jewellery trends.


Colour Me Beautiful

Colour is the news of the season with women loving a pop of colour around their neck and ears. It doesn’t just brighten your day, but also delights your co-workers when they see the beautiful and colourful masterpieces on video calls! Colour on your neck will also make you feel alive and vibrant when you’re in back-to-back video calls or when you’re heading out for a date!


Hop on to the Hoop Earrings Trend

The classic yet dramatic hoop earrings are simple, fashionable and ultra-chic and modern. Pair them with trendy or casual outfits for a day out or day in and you’ll look stylish and sophisticated. Oversized designer hoops are also a great idea to team up with your dresses for a visual treat!


Pursue your Pendant Passion

Although they are relatively common, pendants are exquisite jewellery pieces, especially when designed with diamonds and precious stones. The trend is now moving towards pendants with everyday objects, natural elements, and unique designs that add a focal point on your neckline and elevate your style statement. Star-shaped pendants are one of the most sought-after designs in current times.


Love is in the Abstract

Many jewellery designers across the globe are now experimenting with abstract designs and at Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we love this new trend. We have multiple designs with abstract forms, geometric shapes and unconventional ideas for women who like to take the leap of fashion.


Celebrate the Charming Chokers

Chunky chokers are making headlines on trendsetters’ necks and we’re happy to bring you some designer choker necklaces. They can be stacked and combined with longer and bulky necklaces for a dreamy effect. This accessory ensemble is a showstopper for the coming year as it will look perfect – whether you’re on a Zoom call, a date, or a festive celebration. We also have many bridal necklaces in the choker style that new-age brides would love to adorn.

The trend is shifting from casual to a bolder approach when it comes to designer jewellery. The bigger the metal, charm, diamond or motif, the higher up in the fashion rankings you’ll find yourself!

Gautam Banerjee Jewellery celebrates new-age designer jewellery and brings you some of the most exquisite designs in town. Shop online and redefine your style at work and pleasure!