GBJ – Sketch to Reality Landing Page

Our Sparkling Journey of Sketch to Reality 

At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we follow a unique designing process that makes us stand apart from all other jewellery stores and gives us the edge in designer jewellery.

For us, the design idea and inspiration are just as important as the final look and feel of the jewellery masterpiece. That’s why a lot of processes and steps go into designing your favourite jewellery that you will cherish for decades and generations, too!

Here’s a Glimpse of the Production Process we Follow at Gautam Banerjee Jewellery:

1. Sketching the Big Idea

Whether it’s a customized jewellery set or a high-end designer masterpiece, we always begin with the big idea. If you have something particular in mind and want to discuss it in detail, you can always visit our Design Mansion for a brainstorming session. Once we finalize on the idea for the jewellery, our celebrity designers, often our co-founder Gautam Banerjee himself, work on the sketch and make it as life-like as possible!

We also choose the most precious and high-quality diamonds, gold and gemstones as per the design in this stage and convert our vision into a tangible design on paper. 


2. Getting Approvals on the Cost and Design 

As soon as we’re ready with the sketch, we share it with our client for approval on the design and the cost. In most cases, our design is approved in the first go itself but if you need any small changes, we’re happy to accommodate them. Our team is highly transparent regarding the costing and ensures that you get the correct estimate to help you finalize the design with confidence.


3.Considering the Usability, Safety, Quality & Accessibility 

In the next step, our team of jewellery production experts are given the task of analysing the usability and accessibility of the design and they give their valuable inputs before the final designing process begins. This ensures that the end-product will be something that is breathtakingly beautiful and usable, too! 

4. Designing your Dream Jewellery

It’s time for some real fun! We love designing jewellery – it makes our hearts beat faster and energizes our soul. Together as a team, we collaborate to bring the sketch to a reality using the most effective, tech-savvy and some traditional jewellery designing techniques. Finesse is the name of the game in jewellery designing and you’ll be amazed at the amount of time and attention we spend in getting it right!

5. Sharing it with you for the Big Wow Moment 

Once the design is ready, it is shown to our founders and jewellery designers and only after their go-ahead it is revealed to you. We can assure you that the entire process is worth the wait! Most of the reactions we’ve received when we unveil the final piece include being speechless with joy for a while and it fulfils our vision of creating joy with jewellery!

We conduct some trials on the sizes – especially in the case of rings or necklaces and handover the jewellery to you once it’s finally ready!

This final moment gives us the inspiration and the excitement to do our jobs with unbelievable passion and commitment! 

6. Offering Lifetime Service 

When you’re a member of the Gautam Banerjee Jewellery family, you can avail lifetime service on your jewellery. It includes polishing, any minor error corrections, repair, restoration, sizing, stone replacement, cleaning, plating, etc. 

If you'd like to get a customized jewellery set, trust us to design it from concept to completion with lots of love, care and passion.