How to Style Your Designer Diamond Jewellery?

The wedding season is here and it’s time to flaunt all your designer diamond jewellery with a unique style statement. Whether it’s a heavy choker necklace, a bespoke bracelet, ring bands or hoop earrings, there are many ways to adorn your diamond jewellery on special occasions. We bring you some innovative ideas to celebrate your diamond jewellery with a fashionable twist. Because every sparkle deserves to be in the spotlight! 


1. Stacking Diamond Rings

What’s better than a diamond ring? Multiple diamond rings! It’s super fashionable to stack multiple rings on one finger. Keep in mind to use rings in which every diamond cut is different in size and shape for a trendy appeal. Also, it ensures that the rings don’t blend into each other and look like a chunky piece of jewellery.

2. Flaunting the Understated Diamond Choker

Compared to regular diamond necklaces, diamond chokers are often underrated but they bring so much more charisma when you wear it with low necklines or scoop neck tops. It makes your neck look slender and longer, too. In fact, diamond chokers look exceptionally royal when paired with velvet fabrics or lace tops/blouses. 


3. Styling the Evergreen Diamond Necklace 

These are elegant by nature and are often reserved for more sophisticated looks and royal evenings. It’s best to wear a diamond necklace with your favourite black dress as the darkness of the outfit will make your diamonds shine brighter! For work meetings, you can wear a simple diamond necklace on your solid cashmere sweater. Style tip – the more elaborate diamond cut and necklace, the more subtle clothes you should wear.


4. Celebrating Large Diamonds for Men

Diamonds are often considered a woman’s best friend, but men have been flaunting diamonds for centuries. Right from the Mogul emperors to Egyptian pharaohs and hip-hop trailblazers, men often wear exceptional statement jewellery as a means of self-expression. Large diamonds look fabulous on men’s fingers, especially during wedding season. An intricate brooch, a solitaire ring or a heavy bracelet can uplift your style statement amongst your peers and family members. 


5. Adorning Chandelier Diamond Earrings 

Many women prefer wearing diamond earrings as the focal point of jewels and often skip the necklace. In this case, chandelier diamond earrings are a great choice. Make a powerful statement with these exquisite selections and embrace them to accessorize your traditional outfits, ethnic wear, or even dresses or playsuits. 


6. Perfecting Panache with Tennis Bracelets 

You can even consider stacking tennis bracelets like your rings for a truly unique look and feel. It’s a classic piece of jewellery and a much-loved jewellery item for generations. Traditionally, the tennis bracelet includes a line of diamonds of the same size, cut, colour and clarity. But you’ll find a lot of designer bracelets that offer innovative settings with an assortment with different types of diamonds as well. Tennis bracelets look perfect with sleeveless tops or short-sleeved ethnic outfits. 

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