Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls are a timeless and elegant gemstone, celebrated for centuries. They are often considered a symbol of beauty and purity and with time, have evolved into more classic and contemporary jewellery, compared to your grandmother’s traditional strand of pearls.

But the magic, mesmerizing charm, and aspirational value remains the same. Pearls are even referred to as the Queen of Jewels and continue to captivate people right from the time they were discovered. The natural allure of pearls and its versatility makes them a favourite of jewellery designers around the world.

 Pearls are also a part of Navratna jewels, and they are believed to enhance emotional stability, mental strength, amicability, and self-contentment. Many experts also recommend wearing pearls with other gemstones to balance positive and negative energy.


“Pearls are always appropriate.”

 Pearls are an integral part of most jewellery closets. They add exuberance and sophistication to your personality and exude a sense of confidence everywhere you do!


But how well do you really know your pearls?


Top 5 Interesting Facts About Pearls:

  1. Pearls are an excellent gift for people born in June as it is their birthstone. It’s also considered customary for couples to exchange pearls on their 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary.
  2. Pearls aren’t always white, as we often picture them! They range from pink, brown, and even black. The colour depends on the kind of mollusc that created them and the water where it lived.
  3. Round pearls are rare and most valuable. Pearls come in eight shapes – round, semi-round, oval, circled, drop, button, pear, and baroque.
  4. The bigger, the better – large size pearls are expensive. Unlike other gemstones, pearl size is measured in grains. 1 carat = 4 grains.
  5. Before the 1900s, pearls were extremely rare and available only to the royal and wealthy. The Roman ruler Julius Caesar created a law that prohibited anyone below the ruling class from wearing fine jewels.


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Pearls of Wisdom from Gautam Banerjee:

Pearls can be stylized as per your requirement – modern for office wear, glamourous for a party look, traditional for bridal jewellery and vintage for a unique and unmatched appeal. Book your consultation with me and design the pearl jewellery of your dreams!