Real Couples, Real Moments

Jewellery is a lot like love. It brightens up your day, adds sparkle to your nights and stays 

with you forever. At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, we celebrate love in all its glory. For us, love is synonymous with jewellery and we create masterpieces inspired by love and emotions. In the Indian culture, one of the most memorable celebrations of love is the wedding ceremony. The big fat Indian wedding would be incomplete without the endless love of family, the priceless love of your partner and the timeless love for jewellery.

Over the years, we have designed engagement rings, bridal sets, and wedding jewellery for many couples across the country and the world. Every couple has a certain idea for their dream wedding and we add the dream jewellery element to it.

We’d love to share some real stories of couples, their moments of love, and their memories of GBJ!


1. Our engagement rings for the couple depicted their eternal love with diamonds – the evergreen jewellery to express and celebrate your love. We add a touch of style to your unforgettable memories and make them last forever with a glitter that never loses its shine – just like your love!

2. Celebrating your love in front of your family and friends? We have the perfect engagement rings for both of you to enter into a lifetime bond! We designed diamond rings for our couple clients to complement their love, royalty and emotions. 


3. If you’re worried about not being able to wear your wedding jewellery regularly, think again! At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, our focus is to blend design with wearability so that you can enjoy your wedding jewellery more often and it finds a place in your heart and not your bank locker! Our diamond and gemstone necklace for this bride can be worn in 4 different ways – making it a stylish and smart jewellery masterpiece!


4. Have you been shopping at your family jeweller for generations? Why not try something more modern with traditional values? We weren’t the first choice of wedding jewellers for the bride, but we’re glad our customized designs and innovative styles appealed to her bridal emotions! Working with a designer jeweller can be a game-changer for your wedding jewellery.

5. Your wedding jewellery is an investment for a lifetime and we understand that trust plays a significant role in choosing your jeweller. Over the years, we’ve worked with many families that have poured supreme confidence into us. Our detail-oriented process, transparent communication and authentic jewels make us a trusted and valued designer jeweller for brides!


6. Just like love grows with time, our relationship with our brides also blossoms with every passing day and year. We soon become a part of your family and share special moments and memories with the right jewellery pieces. Above all, we understand your taste and preferences and design just what’s on your mind!

As we wish that your love grows and blooms every day, we hope that we can be a part of your journey and every celebration with your loved ones!

If you’re a bride-to-be and want to join our family of happy and beautiful brides, we’d love to offer a free bridal consultation.

Get to know us a little better, share your epic love story, and let’s ideate on your wedding jewellery.

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