The Art of Finding ‘the One’

Congratulations on finding the one to spend your lifetime with! But there’s still a special one that you need to find to make your celebrations sparkle and shine. Not too long ago, engagement ring shopping was about just a few questions – princess cut or emerald cut, white gold or yellow gold or a rare gemstone? However, with time, the options for designer engagement rings continued to rise, and so did the pressure – on the diamond and the groom! 

At Gautam Banerjee Jewellery, it is our endeavour to help our customers find the engagement ring of their dreams. It’s one of the most monumental purchases before your wedding and therefore, it must be as special as your love. 

The 4 Cs

Diamonds are all about the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity, and carat. When you start your engagement ring search, think about the kind of cut you’d prefer. Every shape or cut is priced differently, wherein the round-shaped diamond is the most expensive, while pear and marquise less so. 


Keep an open mind about the carat size, because size isn’t all that matters in an engagement ring. While the smaller carat sizes make for perfect delicate looks, the larger ones create flashy statement pieces. Choose the size based on your fiancé’s finger so that it looks radiant every day!


Another aspect is to choose the colour. While most couples prefer the classic colourless diamond, a number of contemporary couples are now choosing coloured gemstones as their engagement rings to signify certain feelings or memories. 


Don’t compromise on the clarity of the diamond because this is definitely one of the most valuable investments you will make and it will always be a sign of your love and connection.

Choosing the Right Style 


Diamonds may be all about their cut, colour, clarity, and carat, but your engagement ring signifies so much more. That’s why you must think a step ahead and choose something that perfectly aligns with your bride’s style statement and personality trait. Some of the different types of rings you can choose from include traditional and elegant, styling and outgoing, romantic and timeless, modern and contemporary, active and nature lover, and many more! 


At GBJ Design House, we don’t just create engagement rings, we create a story, a memory and a lifetime bond with our passion, love, and skills, using some of the best diamonds in the world.


Our diamonds are certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) so that you can be assured of your purchase. We’re also extremely careful about size measurements so that your ring fits you perfectly just like your perfect fit with your partner. 

Pro Tip by our Designers - Gautam Banerjee, Archana Behede & Urvita Behede.


Don’t follow trends. Remember, you’d want to wear this engagement ring every day for the rest of your lives. So, make it classic and timeless, a true symbol of your love that will last forever and always! 


If you’re still not sure what kind of jewellery you should buy for your engagement, don’t worry. Just visit our Design House and have a conversation with our designers. We will help you throughout the decision-making process and design a truly customized ring that best portrays your love story. 


Ready to get engaged? Contact us today for a designer engagement ring!